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We are excited to announce that we are now renting stand up paddle boards. 

Since swimming is not allowed on Parkway waters being able to rent SUPs presents a unique challenge for us. We hear your desire to try paddle boarding while at the same time wish to honor and respect NPS rules and regulations regarding swimming. When renting a SUP from PLBR we ask that patrons be aware of our guidelines listed below regarding their use on Price Lake. 


  • When leaving/returning the rental area you must start in a kneeling or sitting position.  

  • Stay at least 15 feet away from all objects including other boats.

  • Regardless of experience you must start with a PFD.

Please understand that we know accidents happen and the risk of falling off a stand up paddle board is greater than a canoe or kayak. However, if we do our best to provide you with the knowledge needed to tackle paddle boarding we know you'll do your best to respect the wishes put forth by the National Park Service. Cheers! (pictures show proper launch procedure)

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