We want to communicate how we are cleaning our equipment throughout the day so that we can continue providing a quality service that keeps you, your family, and our staff safe. 

  • All equipment surfaces are wiped down with a rag that has been soaked in water containing bleach. This includes seats, gunwales, paddles, and oars. 

  • PFDs are issued through a window to reduce the amount of times a piece of equipment is touched before being used. 

  • Used PFDs are to be sprayed with an alcohol and water solution and dried completely before being put back in to rotation. 

  • Cones around the property will signify both social distancing guidelines set forth by the CDC as well as signify where to wait once you have signed up for equipment. 

  • The rental building is off limits to all customers and only PLBR staff are permitted inside the building. 

  • Sign up, payment, and general information will be conducted through a window on the front of the building. 

  • Staff will be provided mask and gloves. 

  • Some items normally found on location for customer convenience will not be provided until a later date such as dry bags, shoe cubby space, or personal item storage. 

 This list will be ever changing. Once we identify an area that can be improved upon we will address it and post it.