All rentals are by boat by hour

Canoes - $18 first hour, $10 each additional hour


SUPs- $18 first hour, $10 each additional hour

Single Kayaks - $10 per hour

Double Kayaks - $18 first hour, $10 each additional hour

Note: All rental prices include PFD, paddle, and tax


April 2-May 16

Weekends only (Fri-Sun)


May 17- September 30

Daily (Mon-Fri) 11am-6pm

(Sat-Sun) 10am-6pm

October 1 - October 31

Weekends only (Fri-Sun)


Weather Permitting

Last rental of the day is 1 hour prior to close sharp!

Why do we do this? Unfortunately someone has to be the last rental of the day. Since we charge by the hour and we close at 5pm we have a strict cutoff time of 4pm(Fall hours). We also have to clean up for the day by sanitizing equipment and putting all the boats away for the night. Please understand we don't turn people away at 5:01 just for the sake of being rude and PLEASE don't harass our employees just for doing their job.